Life Groups

Grow together. Grow in Him.
Our midweek Life Groups are the main way we live family life together with others at Level10 Church. They meet every Wednesday and Thursday.
Brian and Jenny Truebody, Stanmore, Wednesday 7pm to 9:30pm

Living “Life to the Full” (John 10:10) is something that we cannot do on our own. But we believe in family, so therefore we seek to encourage the dynamic of an extended family lifestyle in our sharing, caring, praying and hearing God together. We understand that the Word is an important element in our growing to understand His ways and purposes for us both as individuals and as a body of people, His Church.

Stephen and Joy Mokhof, Stanmore, Thursday 8pm to 9:30pm

Our passion is to see every person walk in their full potential, growing in knowledge and understanding of the Father’s heart together.
Fellowship creates friendship which allows genuine relationships to be formed, that enable us to be real with each other, laying aside our own agenda and replacing it with the diversity that He has placed in each one of us.
God wants us to be real with Him, so that He can be real with us.

Chatan and Joy Mistry, Romsey, Wednesday 8pm to 9:30pm

When we think about our Life Group, the song “We are family” springs to mind! Our Life Group is like one big extended family, seeking to love together, laugh together, cry together, debate together, pray together and grow together. We love that our Life Group is a mix of people of all ages – new students, young professionals, couples, families and silver surfers!

Terry and Jude Chainey, Sparsholt, Thursday 8pm to 9:30pm

We are a close group of people from all walks of life, who trust and care for each other, in this open journey of exploring our faith. We love to worship our Heavenly Father, and desire to know more about Christ and make Him known.